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Welcome to GamezAtSchool

New Server

We have a new server and stuff.


I will be developing the site more in near future :P

Back To School!

Back too school means more gaming! Be sure to tell all your friends at Gamez at school :)


I added a few games

I added a few games be sure to check them out


Coming soon!

Voting system Thumbs up and thumbs down! one per person!

Second domain

This domain is for all the people whose school block the word "game". http://gatschool.tk Bear in mind you wont be able to register using that domain.

Just finished shoutbox

Just finished the shoutbox, head over to the shoutbox tab to start shouting. You must be logged in.


Ranks done!

Ranks are done. Next up. Profiles


More ideas for me to work on

Categories and recent plays by people logged in.


Feature for UserCP

I will be adding a favorites list to the UserCP very soon so be sure to look out for that.